Ceroglass was formed in 2001 as a joint venture between two leading glass and ceramic bead manufacturers. Our commitment to providing high quality products combined with our exceptional customer service has resulted in continued growth and success for Ceroglass.  


Ceroglass offers a variety of media used in abrasive blasting (formerly called sandblasting). Abrasive media is used in shot blasting, media blasting, peening, vibratory tumbling, surface treatment and surface finishing. Abrasive media has the power to clean and prime including removing rust, residue and oxidation, as well as the ability to alter the substrate for improved adherence properties or polish to a brilliant finish. Abrasive blasting has a wide range of applications across many industries including automotive, aerospace, infrastructure, healthcare and construction.  

Ceroglass also supplies a full line of technical ceramic and glass beads. Ceramic beads are used for grinding/milling/dispersing typically within in a bead mill for particle size reduction. Technical glass beads are offered in larger sizes with tighter size tolerances than abrasive beads. While these are sometimes used in bead mills, other uses include mechanical plating, vibratory tumbling and as well-pack filtration media. Technical glass beads are also found in decorative applications due to their clarity and sphericity. Some of the industries served with our technical ceramic and glass beads include paints, inks and coatings, agriculture, dentistry and microbiology.   

No matter your industry, the Ceroglass team is here for you. We are always happy to assist whether it be media selection, technical questions or pricing and availability. We look forward to working with you!